In the hopeless swaps of the not quite, the not yet, and the not at all...

An Obsession

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Every piece of work within the confines of this journal is created by me, and although I make no outward claims (READ: makes plenty of inward claims) of owning the characters within my story, save for the few original ones I've created, the stories and plot-lines do belong to me and I'd rather not have them plagiarised.

I appreciate everyone who takes time out to drop a comment after they've read a story or chapter, but do not appreciate rude or ignorant statements directed at me, the story or any of my readers.

I do not want my works translated or re-posted anywhere at any given time. You may however save my work for your own private reading.

I'm a fun, generally non-controvertial person. I'm nice to everyone, believe me, I don't bite.

But anger me with bigoted outlooks or a general lack of respect for me or for my work, I will make your life miserable.

Love to all. <3